our product categories include Dry filter material dust collector,
Wet filter & other dust collector, Lead-acid storage battery production equipment & dust collector accessories;

Successful Case

Having been more than 33years, JNEH dust collector & equipments are successfully used in all industries over the world, such as in lead-acid storage battery, iron and steel, petrochemical, electric power, shipbuilding, aviation, container, tobacco, rubber, machine manufacturing, pottery and porcelain, wood processing, automobile, special powder, non-ferrous metal, minding industry, coal and metallurgy, etc.

About JNEH

Welcome to Jiangsu Erhuan Environmental Technology company, which is located in the west district of Yixing industrial park in China. Our factory is founded in 1982, our major business is environmental protection equipment and production equipment of lead-acid storage battery industry and side business is environment treatment equipment of “exhaust gas, waste water and dust” of other industries. This company highly values intellectual property and has gained many national patents. And it has also developed a number of high-tech products and passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification.Its’ main products includes Dry/wet filter material dust collector, lead-acid storage battery production equipment and accessories.

What’s New?

What news is (see the lower links), here we share with you some other people's opinions on dust collector subject. Some of them are clear and reasonable. Some are given as practical advice after years of professional experience while others are just witty. But all are worth thinking about.

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